Timeless inspiration, a bridge from the 20's to the 21st century where femininity is mingled with masculinity. 

rachafarah is a brand that stands alongside women whom they love to be independent and able to adapt to a changing world. Attribute of ambitious women, she celebrates the strength of character. To those who give themselves the means, who assert themselves and actresses of their destiny, rachafarah offers the clothing.

The femininity is indivisible from the masculinity, said Freud. Here they intertwine. The woman possesses in her a part of masculinity and a timeless feminine style forming a harmonious personality.

The brand is then built around the women's tailor, an outfit that is both timeless and modern, part of an ethos of slow wear.

The choice of materials being as important as the cut and the style, all the pieces are made in quality fabrics.

For this first collection "L'Heure Bleue Shourouk", the power of seduction lies in the details of the men's wardrobe. With blue accents, confront the lines of the 20's spirit. The blue color dominates this first collection echoing to the blue hour, ephemeral interval where the sky of the day gives way to the evening.


The moodboard

rachafarah - Moodboard 1 bis - collection # 1 - passerelle intemporelle.jpg